Thrive Therapies IL INC Speech & Language Pathology Services

Thrive Therapies IL INC specializes in treating individuals with a variety of communication disorders, including:

  • Expressive and receptive language disorders/delays

  • Phonological and articulation disorders

  • Social and pragmatic deficits

  • Augmentative-alternative communication

  • Oral motor deficits

  • Feeding disorders

  • Aphasia

  • Dysarthria

  • Fluency disorders

  • Apraxia

Are you a candidate for speech & language pathology services?

Red flags for speech-language disorders in children:

By age 1 year child cannot:
  • Recognize own name
  • Understand simple directions
  • Initiate familiar words, gestures, or sounds
  • Use ``mama``, ``dada``, or other common nouns
By age 2 years:
  • Does not use at least 50 words
  • Does not identify common objects or body parts
  • Does not name pictures or objects
  • Does not use 2-word phrases
  • Does not follow 1-to-2 step commands
  • Does not use sounds /p/, /b/, /m/, /h/ correctly
By age 3 years:
  • Does not ask or answer wh-questions
  • Does not use at least 500+ words
  • Does not combine 3-to-4 words
  • Does not follow 2-to-3 step commands
  • Is not able to tell a story or relay an idea
  • Does not use sounds /k/, /f/, /t/, /d/ and/n/ correctly
By age 4-5 years:
  • Does not use sentence length utterances
  • Does not ask “who” and “why”
  • Does not correctly use sounds: /ng/, /w/, /y/, and/g/
  • Does not understands “same” and “different”
  • Does not use future, present, and past tense
By age 6-7 years:
  • Does not use most speech sounds correctly
  • Does not identify sounds phonetically
  • Does not use semantic and syntactic cues in reading and writing
Red flags for speech-language disorders in adults:
  • Struggles to say sounds or words or difficulties with fluency
  • Speaks in short, fragmented phrases
  • Says words in wrong order
  • Difficulty imitating speech sounds and words
  • Slow rate of speech
  • Slurred speech
  • Experiencing reduced voice quality, pitch range or power
  • Difficulties with rate or loudness or speech

Thrive Therapies IL INC Speech & Language Pathology Services

Speech & language pathology services at Thrive are offered in English and Polish.

Please call to see if the appointment time is available and within your area.

Thrive offers free phone consultations to answer any questions or concerns, and to determine whether an evaluation is warranted.


“About 2 years ago my husband and I decided that our then 2.5-year-old daughter was not speaking age appropriately. At first, we thought maybe it was because she was learning 2 languages simultaneously, but then reality set in that our daughter was a bit behind in her speech/language skills. That is when we came across Paulina, an angel sent from heaven, I kid you not. She began working with our daughter and the progress after each session has been phenomenal. Within months our daughter began talking more and more, answering and asking questions. She is now able to form simple sentences to communicate her wants and needs. She is also making friends because now she can ask them to play with her and join in group activities rather than play on her own. Paulina is in touch with us constantly regarding our daughter’s development and provides us with the tools necessary to strengthen her communication skills at home. My daughter enjoys the time she spends with working with Paulina and I do not know how we will ever thank her for all her help. I know we still have a way to go, but with Paulina’s help and guidance, I am hopefully that my daughter will soon be where she is supposed to be in term of her speech/language skills.”

-Justyna L

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